Welcome to our farm!

Flevo Hill is a family-run farm in Dalkeith, Ontario.  We produce quality beef, pork, and chicken, and sell directly from our farm to customers in the area.  Traditionally, farmers sell local beef  or pork by the quarter, side, or whole  but for many people this is too much meat.  We are now set up and able to sell our beef and pork in smaller quantities of your choice. The pork cuts are available individually and are listed as such below. If ordered ahead of time, the beef can be split as requested. Currently we have a half side split into five equal parts, please email for details of each package contents. 

Our beef (Angus crossbred and Belgium Blue crossbred) cattle are grass fed with a mixed grain finish to produce the best tasting meat.  There are no growth hormones or antibiotics used in raising any of our animals.

The meat is always processed at a government inspected facility. 

For more information: 613-525-0234 - flevohill@xplornet.com

Beef: 4.10$ /lb for half or whole beef

Smaller mixed/variety boxes also available

We currently have 4 packages left 115$ each box

Coming March 2021

Lean ground beef - 1 or 2 lb pkg                                            $5/lb

Beef patties - 8 /pkg                                                             $6/lb

Split mixed boxes (ex: half side of beef split into 5 equal parts)



Pork: 4.10$/lb for half side or whole pig - also available by individual cuts of choice

Smaller packs available starting $60

Pork Sampler  -   $115-125

2 loin chops

2 butt chops

1 shoulder roast

1 smoked ham roast

1lb smoked bacon

1lb breakfast sausages

1.5lb bratwurst sausages

1 pkg of spare ribs