Myotonic Herd tested every 18 months
for CL - CAE - Johnes

Welcome to Flevo Hill Acres

We are located in the beautiful Glengarry County of Eastern Ontario near a small village called Dalkeith.  Home of  Holstein cattle and Myotonic (Fainting) Goats as well as a few more critters.  My husband and I have operated a successful dairy operation since 1996.   We started  milking a total of 19 cows and gradually increased the herd to the barns capacity of 35. In the fall of 2002 is when the decision was made to expand our operation to 70 milking cows in a new CoverAll building with attached milking parlor to accommodate 12 cows.  We now manage a total of 160 Holsteins including replacement heifers and calves. The morning of November 7th, 2017 would be the last morning to milk our herd in the parlor!  A GEA Mono box robot is now the way our cows are milked 24/7.  We are pleased to say it was a smooth transition for both humans and cattle! 

Cattle Herd Tested negative for Johnes

Our family includes 3 young men ages 19,20 and 22 who take great pride in helping with the everyday life on the farm. We have added to our family of pets over the last few years and are owned by a horse and a donkey,  a few lay hens,  2 dogs and 4 neutered cats and of course our small herd of fainting goats.

So as you can see our interest in and love for animals is obvious! Animals of all kinds have always been a big part of my life, but furthermore, with my extensive education and experience in Animal Care as a Veterinary Technician,  I have the knowledge in veterinary medicine to support me in giving the up most care that our animal friends require!

Winter of 2007-08, the decision was made to acquire a couple of goats!  I had read extensively about this very unique breed of Myotonic goats also known by a number of names such as  fainting goats - nervous goats - stiff-legged goats - mountain ghosts - Tennessee goats.  The gentle, docile temperament, friendly personalities and the wonderful companions and pets they were known for,  proved to be all the more attractive.

Spring 2008 came and the search began!   Soon we discovered these goats were not readily available in Ontario and were very few in Canada, period!  Luckily, our contacts with Susan Mason - Faint Hope Acres of Vulcan, Alberta proved to be successful and finally  made our first purchase; two doelings and one flashy buckling.  The excitement was building as the month of June approached!  The kids were finally coming home!

Then very unexpectedly fall of 2008,  I was given this incredible opportunity to acquire Susan Mason's complete herd of Myotonics.  We are very fortunate to have this very incredible herd of medium to large Myotonics, with not only full US imported bucks  but also a very special imported doe named "Buffy".  Our small herd is comprised of 7 bucks, 14 breeding age does and one 2014 doeling retained in our program. Coat lengths vary from short to smooth to long and shaggy with a array of colors and patterns with more than half the herd  having the rare blue eyes in both the does and the bucks.

Because we are a small family farm,
our goats receive much individual attention!

From the moment the young ones are born they are handled frequently on a daily basis.  These goats bring much joy to our lives and want them to do the same for you.  We offer breeding quality bucks and does to existing breeders looking for new  bloodlines and to new breeders looking to start their own herds.

Our goal is to concentrate on one breed, "Myotonics" and help preserve this breed for future generations while raising a hardy, well muscled, with conformation correctness in which conforms to the breed standard set fourth by the International Fainting Goat Association and Myotonic Goat Registry.
Susan worked very hard to build her herd to this point and I have full confidence that I can continue to improve on this exceptional herd as well as Susan did.    It is of great interest and importance to our family  to also continue educating the public of this heritage breed at risk.

Our focus remain on quality not quantity!

All of our goats are registered with the International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA), the Myotonic Goat Registry MGR, and some through Pedigree International (PI). You may view all of our current stocks pedigrees by joining the pedigree project at

Please view our Description Page for an in-depth description of the Myotonic goat.

Special Thanks to you Susan
......for your patience, your time and effort,
your world of information
but most of all for your support and friendship.

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