Breeding Pairs

This page displays the does and bucks carefully selected and paired for the upcoming 2017 kidding season.

They are not necessarily for sale at this time.

Once kidding season is over, people on the waiting list will be given first choice of selection in order on the list and if any kids remain or adult does or bucks become available, they will be placed on the For Sale page. Once you are contacted, please get back to us within a couple of days as we then move on to the next listed on the waiting list.  Thank You!


  4 Wethers available


Doublejett Chester 


Flevo Hill Acres Tillycum

Kidded April 24th twin bucklings

Buckling #2 -WETHERED
Black and White - brown eyes - polled



  ~ Sire ~

Bending Tree Ranch Picasso

 ~ Dams ~

Faint Hope Acres Wisteria

Kidded April 17th Twin bucklings

Buckling #2 - WETHERED
Tricolored - brown eyes - horned


~ Sire ~

Doublejett Levy Blue Jeans


~ Dams ~


Faint Hope Acres Hot Gossip

Kidded April 22nd twins a doeling and buckling


Faint Hope Acres Illusion

Kidded April 24th twin bucklings

~ Sire ~

 Bending Tree Ranch Monte

~ Dams ~

  Flevo Hill Casta Spell

Kidded April 25th twin doelings

Flevo Hill Acres Molly Brown

Kidded April 19th Triplets; 2 bucklings and 1 doeling

Faint Hope Acres Spell Bound


Kidded April 19th a Single doeling


~ Sire ~


  Brassring King Leo



 Faint Hope Acres Smuggler

Kidded April 27th Twin bucklings

Buckling #1 - WETHERED
Mostly black - brown eyes - horned

Buckling #2 - WETHERED
Black and white - brown eyes - horned


 Faint Hope Acres Sahara Desert

 Kidded April 17th Twins a buckling and stillborn doeling

  Updated October 14th, 2017