For Sale


If you would like to be placed on our waiting list contact us in advance to reserve your Spring 2020 kids. You must reserve a buckling for herd sire before 16 weeks of age when they will be wethered/castrated if not reserved and deposit received.

If you are looking for a pet or companion, wethers (neutered males) make excellent pets and are truly a pleasure to have as part of your family!

Breeding Pairs will be posted in the fall so if you wish to reserve from specific pairs please email with your request.

Once kidding season is over, persons on the waiting list will be given opportunity to make their selection in order on the list, then, only if there are kids remaining, they will be placed on the For Sale page!


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold your selection for you until pick up time.

Flevo Hill Acres retains the right to refuse or cancel a sale of any animal for any reason. In this case, your full deposit amount will be returned.

All animals and other fees relating to that animal must be paid in full on pick-up or before being shipped.

All kids will be registered with IFGA and application forms can be signed to register with MGR upon request.

2- 2019 Bucklings available

2 beautiful intact bucklings still available
and ready to go now....

Molly X Levi
Nice muscling to this boy but the youngest of the 3
mostly white with brown/tan/brown/black
brown eyes

Charlotte X Picasso
Nice muscling to this boy
mostly white with brown/black patches on neck
heavy skirting/bangs starting/longer top line
brown eyes

  Photos taken August 28th, 2019


5 Doelings available

Photos of the girls can be viewed on the

Breeding Pairs page

under the kids Sire and Dam in question